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Final Postcard

Best Friends Forever

You are invited to become a Friends of the Children-Austin BFF and join a special group of contributors who support our mission and impact the lives of local children who are most in need of a Friend.

Friends of the Children-Austin is on a mission to break the cycle of generational poverty by pairing children facing the greatest obstacles with a salaried, professional, bilingual mentor, called a Friend, from kindergarten through high school graduation for 12+ years - no matter what.

The children in our program are facing the greatest challenges and need the intentional 1:1 service and friendship from their Friend to support their emotional, social, and academic growth and development.

Throughout the summer, we are recruiting Best Friends Forever to help us raise critical funds for our mission and help support our ongoing efforts.

Will you join us as a BFF of Friends of the Children-Austin?

We are asking BFFs for one-time donations of $1,000 OR a monthly recurring gift of $85 for a year.

One-time and recurring donations of any size are appreciated!.

Join Now! Your invitation to join as a Best Friend Forever is open through August 31, 2023, but if you join now, your gift will go twice as far because of a $25,000 match by another generous friend to Friends Austin. Click here to become a BFF.

We are grateful for your consideration as we continue to equip our children with the necessary support to thrive in the school year ahead.

Become a BFF!