Our Values

Our values guide us to achieve our mission. Each value applies not only to our youth, Friends, and program teams, but also applies to all Friends of the Children employees, volunteers, and partners. We use our values to make informed decisions; to hire, coach, and manage; and most importantly, we use our values to change the way the world treats and views our most vulnerable youth.

Put Children First

We intentionally serve youth who are facing the greatest obstacles. To help our youth discover their limitless potential, we foster their internal resiliency. We listen to our youth and base decisions on each youth’s needs and dreams. We prioritize self-care so that we bring our best selves to our work and focus on our youth.

Build Relationships on Love

We nurture long-term relationships from a foundation of love, acceptance, and culturally-informed practice. We don’t give up easily, and take a no matter what approach to our work. We commit for the long-term. We intentionally develop collaborative relationships over time with trust, empathy, and healthy communication. We believe that we build community through one-on-one connections that are authentic, respectful, and meaningful.

Commit to Empowerment

We leverage personal strengths to take ownership of our futures. We build relationships within the communities of our youth and families to strengthen social networks and provide bridges to new opportunities. We consistently inspire possibility through empathy, hard work, and fun. We model all of this for our youth, families and each other.

Pursue Goals Relentlessly

We celebrate all achievements, big and small. We are disciplined in our commitment to goals, while innovative in how we reach them. We believe that the definition of success requires intentional reflection and adjustment over time. We work together and hold ourselves accountable with data to achieve short and long-term outcomes.

Demand Equity

We acknowledge the historical and present injustices impacting marginalized communities. We demand equity from ourselves and from our community. We insist that all people have the necessary support to achieve all of their hopes and dreams. We amplify the voices of our children, families, and communities. We bring together different experiences, skills, and backgrounds to provide opportunities to overcome personal, systemic, and institutional barriers.


Nancy Pollard

Executive Director

Caroline Page

Director of Development and Marketing

Marilyn Manzo

Program Director

Kay Foos

Operations Manager

Elise Raymund

Development Manager

Professional Mentors

Jorge Jiménez

Professional Mentor and Team Lead

Jaime Garcia

Professional Mentor

Silvana Granados

Professional Mentor

Lori Rodriguez

Professional Mentor

Alex Torres

Professional Mentor

Daisy Woods

Professional Mentor

Manuel Cantu

Professional Mentor

Uriel Dominguez

Professional Mentor

Andrea Arca

Professional Mentor

Marco Bustamante

Professional Mentor

Jésus Aguilar

Professional Mentor

Angela Allison

Professional Mentor

Deya Velasco

Professional Mentor


Professional Mentor


Rachel Arnold

Board Chair

Managing Director, Vista Equity Partners

Ryan Atlas

Board Treasurer

Managing Director, Vista Equity Partners

Milam Newby

Board Secretary

Managing Partner, Vinson & Elkins

Christian Alvarado

Co-Founder, CB Capital

Amy Baer

Director of the Baer Family Foundation

Jade DeKinder

Asst. Professor of Marketing, Program Director, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

Libby Doggett

Strategic Change Leader, Early Learning

Salah Gamoudi

Chief Accounting Officer, Jones Energy, Inc

Lisa Graham

Co-founder & Owner, Notley

Caroline Haley

Manager, Bunker Lee Residential

Aurora Martinez Jones

Associate Judge, Travis County Civil Court

Erinn Kelley-Siel

Chief Officer of Public Funding and Policy, Friends of the Children National

Jill Kraft

Founder and CEO, Okena Designs

Jessica Leggett

Founder and CEO, Seven + Gold, LLC

Brian Loring

Vice President, Vista Equity Partners

Lauren Moorman

Director of Business Development, Central Austin Management Group

Johanna Peyton

Master of Public Health

Miguel Romano

President of Foundations (Seton Family Healthcare), Ascension

David Sooch

FP&A and Operations Strategy Manager, Waterloo Sparkling Water


Meet the members


Meet the members


Meet the members
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Employment Opportunities

Friends of the Children is committed to our community, to equal employment opportunity, and to diversity in our workplace.

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