Uriel Dominguez

Senior Professional Mentor

Being the first born in the United States from an immigrant Mexican family Uriel knew that he had a huge responsibility to work extra hard to reach his goals. He wanted to be a role model for his siblings, and his family. While in middle school his family had to move to Mexico, and he had to move in with an uncle in Houston. This is where Uriel was confronted with many challenges, but fortunately was lucky enough to have teachers and mentors that persuaded him to never give up. Years later, while in college, Uriel used his summer time to get involved with national non-profits that worked specifically with vulnerable populations. He did not know before graduating what he wanted to do, but with personal and professional experience, he knew that he wanted to make a difference and help youth follow their dreams. Specifically, youth that come from vulnerable populations, so that he can persuade them to never give up just like his mentors have done for him in the past.

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