Janneth Sanchez

Professional Mentor

Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, Janneth experienced what it was like to grow up in an underserved, marginalized and vulnerable population. Her experiences at an early age, exposed her to the barriers people in underprivileged communities face day to day. Being a byproduct of a difficult socioeconomic environment, it evoked a passion in Janneth to help those who face a similar plight from similar circumstances. This sparked a curiosity in her undergraduate studies at Texas State University for her to study Consumer Affairs with a concentration in Child Development and Non-Profit Organizations.

Throughout her undergraduate studies, Janneth supported children and their families that came from diverse backgrounds in various settings. She worked for the YMCA as an Afterschool and Summer Camp Counselor. She worked at Greater San Marcos Youth Council as a Resident Caregiver to the children in the shelter and volunteered as a Mentor to underprivileged students get higher education through SWAG to College. After undergraduate studies, Janneth went on to become an Early Interventionist Specialist and Case Manager for Any Baby Can and Human Resources for Amazon’s COVID department. All these experiences and career opportunities have given Janneth the tools necessary to serve her community and apply all of her life skills to become a Mentor with Friends of The Children.

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