Changa Cooper

Professional Mentor

At an early age Changa learned the value of mentoring through his parents who were educators. A native Floridian, Changa’s interest in youth began with an incredible 4-year experience at Kids Across America. Furthering his desire to serve urban youth took him on a journey through Austin TX, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Memphis where he served for 6 years as an Area Director for Memphis Athletic Ministries, impacting the community of Orange Mound. Changa holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication from Pensacola Christian College. He not only has a love for video and film production, but he also knows “the kitchen”, having published his own cookbook. By Leveraging those interests, he’s had the privilege of mentoring kids in the creative arts, sports, and the culinarily arts. Many of whom have received athletic and academic scholarships to four-year universities. Changa and his family returned to Austin in 2020, and they are thrilled for him to be a part of Friends of the children Austin.

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