Alexandria Ruiz

Professional Mentor

Raised in East Austin, Alexandria brings a local touch to the world of childcare and mentorship. Armed with a degree in behavioral and social sciences from St. Edward's University, she has blended academic knowledge with a passion for hands-on engagement. During her time at St. Edward's, Alexandria not only embraced the nuances of behavioral and social sciences but also developed a keen interest in kinesiology, sparking a lifelong commitment to health and wellness, guiding her to become a licensed wellness coach in 2020. This diverse educational background forms the foundation of her holistic approach to childcare.

Alexandria brings 5 years of dedicated experience as a childcare professional, starting her career as a nanny and then transitioned into nonprofit work with the SAFE alliance in 2022 where she served as a residential staff to vulnerable populations. Outside the childcare arena, she finds joy in an array of hobbies, from whipping up new recipes in the kitchen to gliding through life on roller skates.

A natural explorer, Alexandria channels her curiosity into creating an environment that encourages a child's innate sense of wonder. This passion stems from her desire to give back the hope and excitement she harbors for life to the younger generation, fostering a spirit of curiosity and enthusiasm for the world around them.

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