Alex Torres

Senior Professional Mentor

Alex was born in Arlington, Virginia where he was raised by his mother with the help of his older sister. Alex was fortunate to attend Washington-Lee High School and eagerly developed his social skills through church involvement and various extra-curricular activities. Alex loves soccer and has participated as both a coach and a player for many years. It was his love of the sport which ultimately served as the deciding factor in attending Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia where he studied Criminology. While in college, Alex was elected President of Student Government, where he was heavily involved in building up his community, staff, and student relations. Upon graduation in 2013, Alex decided to focus his career on crime prevention by focusing on counseling and mentoring youth. He moved to Austin, Texas and began working with at-risk boys and girls as a high school English tutor. Afterward, Alex chose to take on the challenge of moving to a developing country by enrolling in the United States Peace Corps to Colombia. It was there that Alex served for three years as an English teacher and trainer for current and incoming Volunteers. He returned to Austin in February of 2018 and now works to foster the growth and development of the social, emotional, and critical thinking skills of children. His desire is to prevent crime in the communities of Austin and empower children to become honorable and productive citizens.

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