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Be A Trailblazer

You can be a part of the Friends Austin mission to end the cycle of generational poverty. We need your help to raise $100,000 for our next cohort of 40 kindergartners. By giving as a Trailblazer, your gift will go directly towards identifying and supporting a new group of vulnerable kids like Ezequiel.

When our Friend Alex was paired with Ezequiel, he was behind in school and socially withdrawn from his peers. Now, just a few months later, his spelling has improved and he can sound out words. Most significantly, Ezequiel has started developing vital self-regulating skills thanks to Alex's guidance and patience. Gaining new tools like this over the next 12 years, Ezequiel will be able to succeed in school, get along with his peers, and overcome obstacles.

Ending generational poverty is about providing kids with opportunities and support so they can build resilience and gain life skills. You an help make this possible by giving as a Trailblazer - it's as easy as $83 a month for just one year.

Become a Trailblazer