Friends Austin works to positively impact the youth and families we serve by demanding equity and empowering them to overcome historical injustices as well as the effects of poverty. The unacceptable realities of systemic oppression, violence and deprivation of equitable opportunities is not new to the children and families we serve, who are 97% people of color. We support our families in overcoming decades of barriers.

Learning and reading is a piece of the work our staff and Board leadership do together to address social justice and anti-racism. Our journey is not complete and we continue be intentional with our efforts. We invite our community of partners and supporters to utilize these valuable resources and challenge you to further educate yourself and practice empathy. We aim to confront the narrative by educating ourselves and others on the impacts of institutional racism.


I'm Still Here
The Hate You Give
All Over But the Shoutin'
Between The World and Me
American Dirt


Akeelah and the Bee
Antwon Fisher
McFarland USA


Benjamin Carlton

Evans & Associates is a full service strategic branding, special events, and business management consulting firm founded by Benjamin Carlton in 2013. We offer diversity, equity and inclusion consultation and conduct equity audits to help agencies and organizations identify where they are on the continuum of equity and anti-oppressive practices. Our equity assessments can be all-inclusive or focus solely on the matter your organization is trying to solve. Issues include but are not limited to - race, gender and LGBTQIA+. The goal is to help organizations develop equitable policies, practices, and messaging that benefit their workforce, clients, and communities they serve. Benjamin has trained the world’s leading authorities about asset-framing, storytelling, and narrative change. Some of these entities include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CBS Viacom, FOCUS Features, The Obama Administration, GM Financial, Comcast Universal, JP Morgan Chase, and Deloitte.